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Default Give Us Your Favorites

Well here are my favs.

This first is the Canadian Parliament buildings before Christmas. It was taken with a 30 second exposure. I was pretty happy with it as I don't often shoot buildings

My other favorite would have to be a kayaking photo (what I take the most of) I took of my friend as she is about to drop of the edge of a waterfall. I stood in the water on the edge of the drop and shot it at 10mm holding the camera above her head. She almost knocked the camera out of my hand with her paddle. The only thing I wish turned out a little better is being able to see the height of the drop a little better. I tried everything I knew in post processing but could not achieve it. Any help of how to do it or examples would be greatly appreciated

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I think the problem you had with getting the depth of the drop to show up was at least partly due to using such a wide angle lens -- everything is in focus with UWA lenses, and what you would want to suggest the drop is for your friend to be in focus and the water below her to be somewhat more blurry. I'm not sure that that would have done it, but that is what I would have tried. Given the angle of the shot, there isn't going to be any other visual cue to the drop.
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Since the camera has only one 'eye', it isn't going to be able to show depth the way we see it, with two. In order to show distances in a two dimensional picture, we need to have something to compare, such as another kayak at the bottom of the falls, or to take the shot from downstream, so there is a comparison between the person and the height of the falls. As tclune mentions, the WA lens also tends to foreshorten perspective.

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All I can say is that I like both pictures. While there isn't the oof to give you a feeling of height, if you look at the water ripples both above and below the falls, you get the idea.
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The first shot doesn't look real to me. It looks like a diorama you might setup on the fireplace mantel.

I agree with the other comments about the second shot.

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The festive building looks very odd against the night sky which seems very ominous. Makes for a very interesting image.
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