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Default Got Cell? - pano/hdr

Hello all,
at first I want to thank you for that biweekly shoot out challenge. You REALLY made me going out, looking for photo opportunities and I played around with my cell phone camera like never before. I mostly use the camera as a way to make notes, not to really take photos... I've got a dSLR and a point-n-shoot camera for that. But hey... it's fun to explore the possibilities and I've got some surprising shots .

So I want to share a lil' trick I found. My cell phone camera can be set to spot metering. With this I tried to overcome the limited dynamic range of the photos. Using a tripod etc. was out of question - but then I remembered the autostitch panorama software to use a blending algorithm rather than to "puzzle" together smaller sniplets like other programs do. So I set the camera to spot metering, adjusted the exposure by pointing to lighter and darker areas of the given object and snapped happily away.

Back home I let the autostitch software do it's job and it came out nicely! I'll show you two panorama images, made of 6 and 7 single images and a series of the original images (top, center, bottom) as a reference. Normal postprocessing (crop, denoise, histogram).

Conclusion - if you got the space on your memory card and are in doubt - just take some "bracket" shots and use your PC to merge them. Won't work in every case, of course.

Have fun and thanks again for the challenge,

P.S. Images taken with a Sony K800i cell phone, automatic mode, f2.8, spot metering.

P.P.S. In case you don't know - autostitch can be found here: http://cvlab.epfl.ch/~brown/autostitch/autostitch.html and they even have a iPhone app
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