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Default Got cell? sports mode vs. flash

since this is also about tips - here's one. Use your flash, if you got one. (doh...) Sounds like a no-brainer, but people seem to stay away from flash if there is *some* light available (only exception: the unevitable flash portraits with (almost) white faces and red eyes).

#1 is f2.8, 1/100s, ISO 1600, +2EV, sports program (see bee shots, that program needs a LOT of light).

#2 is f2.8, 1/250s, ISO 100, macro program + auto flash.

Normal postprocessing (de-noise, resize, histogram). Btw. - I especially like the glowy, almost christmas-tree like *whatever* in the center. Looks like a tiny cone... but then - we are talking about flowers. Hm. Anyway - I think the flash did a fine job here. Not quite my style (I don't like the harsh flash light for photos), but it did the job.

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What cell phone did you use? Seems like a lot of control for a cell phone. My phone must be a crappy camera.
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Sony Ericsson k800i
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It's a K800i - I thought I gave that info in this thread, too - but only wrote it in the other 2 ones. Sorry for that. Camera options are nice in the K800i - I miss kind of a "manual focus", though. You know, just set the focus and then move back and forth the camera to move the DOF area. Can't get everything I guess...

Stuff, that I mostly use:
- sports mode
- macro mode
- document mode
- landscape for quick shots as AF is off and distance = infinity
- the exposure compensation (-2EV...+2EV)

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Flash is handy at times, especially if you can control the power. I don't like it for nature shots as it looks too artificial. In the second shot above, it is obvious to me that flash was used. The flash lights up everything in the picture including elements that should probably be left dark. If the sun is shining, the use of a reflector to add some light to the subject creates a much better image. Obviously we generally don't carry reflectors around in our pockets along with the phone!!

Having said all of that, I wish my phone had a flash. For indoor and night shots it would really help.

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