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Default Home sweet home - near and far

Hello friends

The first photo is a HDR (photo from 3 shots which I took the other day. My kind neighbour chopped down the tree in my front yard which I decided some time ago I didn't want, as it was blocking a lot of light and view, and also caused quite a lot of debris (dropping leaves, twigs, etc). So isn't that nice!

Therefore I wanted to capture the 'new look' (of my home and 'front jungle') - to share with my parents, as well as meet this forum criteria!

2 and a half years ago when I bought my home (the first house / property I've owned) - my father and mother came over from Tasmania (almost 2000km away from Adelaide, where I live) and we got rid of more trees in the front. I've done more garden work at the side and back of my home... but at least now the front is 'cleared' of the annoying larger trees, so I can set about creating it more to how I want.

(By the way, the large tree you see to the right is a 'significant tree' which is required by the council to remain there. It's not on my property, but on the 'nature strip' - however even if it were in my front or back garden, it would still need to remain. Weird thinking about this, having such massive trees relatively close to homes in suburbia).

However more importantly than just owning 'home / property' (ok the bank still owns most of it... LOL), this place is my 'home' as it is where I feel comfortable, have invited hundreds of people over the past 31 months and a place I can relax.

Thanks for looking....

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Default Far

As I often think laterally, as well as think outside the square - I also wanted to post this photo in this forum.

Because the title of the current 'challenge' / bi-weekly shoot out is 'home sweet home' - I wonder if this also qualifies. As a 'resident' of planet earth, in a sense, this globe is our 'home'. And I often feel very much 'at home' being away, camping in a lovely natural setting, even if I've not been there before.

I had a week off work (combination of overtime and annual leave) - and for 3 days (Wed - Fri) I was away camping in the south eastern part of the state I live in, South Australia. So my home for that time was my tent (and my car).

Here is the camp sites I stayed at the first night... (this photo taken in the morning). So my 'tent' replaced my 'house' as my 'home sweet home'). While I go away camping I enjoy walks, time to think, read, pray, take lots of photos, and enjoy fresh air, etc. (I go camping fairly regularly - and am thankful for many new places to explore).

Any comments & thoughts appreciated....


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Really like the campsite shot
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i really like the home away from home of the campsite. looks like a great view from out the back window, err flap.
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I'm another who votes for your portable home. That's how I always thought of my camping kit, so I'd say both pictures fit the theme.
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Very nice home and home away from home. I love the simplicity of image #2.
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