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I really appreciate all the history and (personal) stories behind this photo. Thanks everyone for contributing. I hope that you Cal and B613057 link up for some good photo and story sharing!

The two edits that impress me the most are GoCubs' and the b&w conversion of Bill's.

Thanks again all..

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Since there is much more interest here than I anticipated, here is a portion of the PM I sent to B613057:

"Thank you for your interest in my photo of the the Long Beach. If you were stationed on the ship that day then, obviously, we were shipmates and may have even known each other.

I was known on the ship as ET1 Cal Rasmussen. I was a reactor operator/reactor technician for the #2 reactor plant (aft plant). I was in RC division. Our division office was located below the mess deck port side, aft. The berthing compartment was on the third deck aft on the starboard side about ten feet behind the starboard screw. Whe the ship was cruising at high speed, the noise back there was horrible. To make matters worse, the #2 emergency diesel generator was right "next door" and when it was operating, the noise was worse than the screw!

I am curious how you found my photo. I am guessing you did a Google search on CGN9. Did you happen to find the website with the decommisioning photos? She was decommissioned about 10 years ago (or more). I was sad to hear that.

I have several photos that I took that day. The one I posted is the best and I did a lot of work on it to get it as good as it is. I would be happy to send all of them to you by email but they have deteriorated considerably in the 30+ years since they were shot.

I also have a lot of shipboard shots but I'm sure you have a great collection of your own. I have some great shots of helicoptor replenishment operations and operations with other ships. I also have a lot of shots of two different line crossing ceremonies and two different outdoor crew barbeques."

I hope everyone finds this interesting.


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Thanks to the two folks commenting on military service - it is appreciated. In response to your request for a few photos of the ships transit under the bridge, here they are. We waited for two or three hours until low tide whic was at about 3:300 or 4PM before going under the bridge. You'll see the top 30 feet of the mast laid over as a precaution as we passed under.

The pictures were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic II and 35mm wide angle lense. The film was Ektachrome and the day was just as overcast as it looks. I took an entire roll of 28 exposure film as we passed beneath the bridge.

If you'd like a little more history on The USS Long Beach, just do a google search. The ship was one of the most technologically advanced warships of the day was a rather well kept secret by the navy for many reasons; first of which was that it was the worlds first nuclear powered surface warshipship whose movements were always classified.

Thanks again for your interest.

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