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Default Infrared - unexpected result, non-traditional

I posted this under critiques, not explaining how I shot it or what my intention was when I shot it. Most people couldn't quite figure it out, but I thought it was really funny. Perhaps if I were to explain what I was doing, it might be more understandable.

I was trying to capture the feeling of motion, so I wanted to take a picture of something moving using a slow shutter speed - I wanted to show motion blur. Not having a ND filter, I used the Hoya R72 filter to slow the shutter speed. Getting the IR effect wasn't high on my list of priorities, and I chose to set up the tripod near a road, trying to capture moving cars. The shutter speeds I could got were way too slow for cars - there was only a light streak across the frame, no sense of car at all.

So then I tried a slower moving object - in this case, a jogger. The shutter speed was still too slow to capture the person, but one shoe was on the ground long enough to create an image, which did, in fact, capture the feeling of motion. I hesitated about posting it since it wasn't exactly well-received when I posted it before, but thought since the topic was IR, someone who's thinking about buying an IR filter might be interested in seeing what else you might use the filter for.

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Never saw your other post but this one is pretty cool after reading your explanation.
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This is interesting. Definitely an unexpected result. I may be imagining it but I think I see a slight ghost of a face in profile in the top left part of the photo. I'm not sure what color the shoe was, but it looks bronzed in this photo.

An IR filter is not something one would use every day but, in the right setting, one can create some striking images. It is no good at night and probably not too good on cloudy days. The best images will result on a bright sunny day and in areas with a lot of trees and vegetation.

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There is a bit here and there that hints of the person, but I'm not so sure what it is - its way too faint to figure out for sure.

I used the filter once for a mostly cloudy/clearing day and got a really brilliant background hill, where the sun was shining, and a dark foreground, where the clouds were. The hill really stood out, interesting how much the sun provides IR to reflect off of objects. It wasn't a good shot otherwise, with the foreground dark.
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