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Bynx wrote:
You guys are both talking PCs. What were you thinking???? You could have bought a Mac and with the money you save on Virus software you could have taken your wives out on the town and spent the night in a great hotel. When will you ever learn!!
Well I have zero budget for virus software for my comp (new but running xp; looking at a new os likely 64 bit) . The only anti-virus move is not to use IE . So far I have zero issues for quite some time.

a similar setup on a mac would easily have cost me at LEAST $500 more than i paid! Also, I don't run antivirus software. I haven't run anything except windows firewall in years, and knock on wood I've had no problems!!

The first thing after buying a comp for the office is to ditch the 60 days' Norton crap.

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calr wrote:
I haven't been on the forum too much the past week or so while I have been transitioning to a new computer. The new computer is a Gateway with quad-core 2.5 ghz processor, 4 gb RAM, 640 gb HD, running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. It came with a beautiful 24" HD flat screen monitor. The old computer runs Windows XP Pro.

This has been and continuing to be a major project for me. There is a lot of software to be installed and a lot of data to be moved over. Some software has to be replaced due to incompability with Vista. My photo database has been successfully moved and installed.
Cal, I suspect every one of us has been through the same thing. For me, it was last summer, and I came out with a machine that sounds very similar to yours. In the long run, it was a bonus, but major hassles for a few weeks trying to get everything moved over and seeing what could be retrieved, and what would not.

Good luck with it. Have confidence, you will be better off in the end.


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For those not using anti-Virus, you could try AVG free. It is a free program that a lot of techno geeks around here use and it seems to work fine. and did I mention it's free?

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