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Default Making Music or Sound: Rock Band

Lego Rock Band

There is an actual console game called Lego Rock Band.
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I love the photo... especially the 'green theme' - and those lego folk in the crowd raising their arms in obvious enjoyment!

Not sure if it actually meets the challenge criteria (as I expect lego like this is actually silent... but it's a good photo none the less).

Makes me think... where's all my lego from 30 years ago? I'd like to photograph it now!

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I just turned 65 on Sunday and I have never had any Lego blocks. I've had Erector sets, Lincoln logs, and others but not Lego. There is a Lego store in our local mall and every time we walk by it, I tell my wife I want some. She just laughs.

I don't want to create mini scenes like this but rather more artistic creations like I have seen.

Anyhow, interesting idea.

PJ, I think the noise or sound comes when you step on this in the dark in your bare feet! LOL!


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Always appreciate your creative additions to the challenges.

Legos have come a long way since I was a kid. When my son was 10 years old he bought a lego monorail from the Lego store in Disney. I had so much fun with that thing. LOL
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