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memento Aug 24, 2008 4:16 PM

Along with my new baby boy, I have always enjoyed taking photos in infrared. And since I was born, we've always had a VW Beetle in the family. :) So here are a couple pics of my 2 Beetles in infrared. The only post processing was sharpen, auto levels, contrast. This was my first time doing IR with my Rebel XSi. very nice.

IR 1964 Beetle. I'm not sure which zoom level I like better. I think the wider angle. comments?

calr Aug 25, 2008 12:17 PM

I like the first shot the most but I don't care for the vignetting in either shot. It is especially bad in the second shot. Please explain how you shot these. I suspect you have some stacked filters and possibly a hood that are causing the vignetting. I am also curious about the pink tone in the shots.

I have a Coken IR filter which I have played with. I find I get my best results by first composing the shot (on a tripod of course) without the filter and then inserting the filter. You can't see anything in the viewfinder with the filter in place. I then do a split channels to RGB in PSP and use the red channel for my final image. There is no tint since the split creates a BW image for each color channel.


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