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This is the last shot I took where I had consciously to work to get the depth of field. The thistle emblem (but not usually in bronze and steel) and the multiple chimney pots on a tenement block are characteristically Scottish.

I didn't have to work very hard, as the smallest aperture on my superzoom 'hybrid'camera, like many non-dSLRs, is f/8, and this was easily achieved without a tripod at 1/322s, 78mm equiv., ISO100. We don't have the benefit of small apertures for large depth of field, but we gain from the scaled-down optics. It's the actual dimension of the objective (in mm, not f-number) that determines depth of field, so huge plate cameras have very little depth of field at any given f-number compared with compacts.

When Cal referred to 'infinite focus' in this project's introduction, he may have been referring to the 'hyperfocal distance' of the lens. When focused at that distance, everything from somewhere nearer than that to infinity is rendered acceptably sharp. It used to be marked on SLR lens barrels, witha markerfor fixedfocal lengths, and a curved line on zoom lenses.This marker would render this 'challenge' quite easy, if present.

There is a useful depth of field calculator at http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.htmlwhere you can read all about it.

Hangover from last week:My post of 9th July entitled "Pathways - in the soil" remains the only topic out of 75 in the last project to receive no replies at all (in 86 views). Please could someone tell me what's wrong with it?There were two other 'orphans' from other people, which were rather good, so I had no hesitation in 'bumping' them when I spotted them.
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I had to go back and reread the post about the thistles. They looked a little strange to me. But, then realized you had said they were not real. An interesting photo.

Thanks for the link to the DOF calculator. Looks like it will come in handy for this challenge.

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Nice shot, Alan.

When I said infinite focus, I was not referring to hyperfocal. They are not the same. As I understand it, focusing at infinity refers to rotating the focus ring to the stop which is usually marked with the (∞) infinity symbol. The hyperfocal distance is usually backed off from the stop just a slight amount.


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