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Just took this an hourago. The flower is about one foot away from the front of the lens, and the buildings vary from about 160 feet (lower left) to a mile or two away. The light colored one lower right is about 300 feet away.

This is a pretty severe test of the DOF range since the closest object is only a foot away and the farthest over a mile.

Sony A100, with Tamron AF 18-250mm telephoto. Aperture prority set at F18 and EV+1.0. 400ISO 1/13th of a second hand held. I don't have a tripod in New York.

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Very impressive, Selvin. Both the flower and the chair on the right are solid in the closer ranges while the image doesn't begin to break down till very far out on the horizon. (Even then, I think the biggest culprit in the slight degrading of the furthest objects is haze, rather than DOF.) On this shot, where did you focus?

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Great use of DOF.
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I agree with what has been said. I am surprised the shot turned as well as it did considering handheld at 1/13th second. Although you didn't specify what your focal length was, the general rule is use tripod at shutter speeds slower than 1/focal-length.

Is f18 the smallest aperture on that lens? If not, you probably could have gotten even more DOF but the downside would be and even slower shutter speed.


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Folks, thanks for your kind comments.


The lens can step down to f22 but as you suspected at that setting I would not have been able to handhold the camera and geta stable image. Oh, I forgot, the camera was manually focussed.


You're right at two miles in upper Manhattan just across from New Jersey, particulate matter in the air is a significant factor and may have contributed to some degradation of the objects in the distance.

In this shot I focussed on the white building in the lower right. Attempting to focus on the buildings on the horizon, resulted ina blur of the fowers. This surprised me since I assumed incorrectly that this low to mid-price lens (about $400) was not accurate enough at the far end of the telephoto.

This lens is worth it as a everyday telephoto walk around for your DSLR.

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