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I think it is time to do another exercise in macro photography. We did one back in December of 2006 and had a lot of fun with it. The description of the original macro challenge is below. Nothing is changed. I was going to link to the original description but the possibility of people posting in the wrong thread changed my mind. Here goes...

It's time to get up close and personal with your camera. This time, we want to see closeup shots of any subject. The shots may be created with any kind of lens/adapter that you want to use.

There are several ways of getting closeup or extreme closeup shots:
  • If you are shooting a Point & Shoot, use the macro mode if available[/*]
  • Use an extension tube(s) between the camera body and lens. The more distance between the camera body and the lens mount, the closer you can get[/*]
  • Use a closeup filter attached to the filter ring of your favorite lens[/*]
  • Use a macro lens[/*]
  • Use the reverse lens technique. For more information on this, visit the Close-ups forum on Steve's site.[/*]
  • Use the maximum telephoto zoom setting on your favorite lens and move in as close as it will permit.[/*]
Depth of field is a real problem when doing macro shots. If you are very close to your subject (<2 inches), your DOF may be 1/8th inch or less. Make sure your camera is on a tripod and your aperture is set to the smallest opening (largest f-number). This will probably result in a very slow shutter speed, depending on the light, hence the need for a tripod.

Lighting can be very tricky on macro shots. If the front of your lens is only an inch from the subject, your flash is useless. The shadow created by the lens will prevent the light from reaching your subject. Your subject needs to be lit from the side, directly above or below, or backlit. A setup that I have considered but have not tried is to modify one of those bench or desk lamps with a circular fluorescent tube and a magnifying lens in the middle. If you can remove the lens, you can insert the front of your lens through the hole and have probably more light than you need.

I would like to have some fun with this challenge so I am going to add a little game. It is called "What is it?" and it has been done many times in the Close-ups forum. Post a macro photo and instead of saying what it is, ask people to guess. After a couple of days you can post the answer.

Please put "Macro-Closeup" or "Macro-Closeup Game" in the subject line of your post.

Again remember 2 posts per day max, and two photos per post.

Lets see those tiny things that are fun to photograph.


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Place holder - please ignore this post.

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