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calr Aug 10, 2010 10:11 PM

New Challenge - Aug 11 - Aug 27 -- Bright Colors
Show us photos of doors that contrast significantly with their surroundings. You see solid colored doors in many locations. I have seen red doors at a shopping mall, Portland Episcopal Cathedral, private residences, etc.

Red can be a problem even with modern digital cameras. If the door has a lot of detail work on it, experiment with exposure for the best shot. This might be a possible application for HDR. Also, consider using a polarizing filter. The Cathedral I mentioned above has bright red doors with huge black wrought iron hinges. There are also carvings on the doors that are painted the same color.

Remember, I said contrasting. A red door on a red fire truck doesn't cut it!

Please put Bright Colors in your title. If you use HDR or a polarizer in your shot, please tell us.

Have fun,

Well, Bright colored doors was a flop! Consequently, lets broaden the challenge to include anything with BRIGHT colors. This was suggested recently by Oakey only he stated INTENSE COLORS!

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