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Default New Challenge Feb 8-21 -- Seeing Red

Awhile back, I promised a Red challenge. Here it is.

Historically, back in the days of film (not so long ago!), getting reds to come out properly was extremely difficult. The chemicals in the film that recorded red were (still are) the weakest of all the colors. There was little that could be done about the problem. Some films were better than others. In my experience, Agfa Optima was the best color print film and Fuji Velvia was the best color slide film.

When the digital age started a few years ago, I had great hopes that the "red problem" was behind us. My experience has told me this is not always the case. I suspect the sensors in our cameras suffer the same problem as film although not quite as severe. I have had numerous situations where reds are not sharp even when the rest of the image is in good focus.

Your challenge, if you accept it, is to try to prove or disprove my theory.

Go out and shoot images with bright reds in them. Try shots with several shades of red present. Try shots with bright red against a strong contrasting background color such as green. Try different lighting ranging from bright sunlight (may be difficult this time of year) to darker scenes. Try flash and/or artificial lighting. In all cases, do your best to insure the image is in focus.

This challenge/experiment may support my theory or may wash it down the drain. There is no right or wrong. I am interested in seeing if others share the experiences I've had.

Try to have fun with this one although the season may not be conducive to outdoor shooting.

Please put Seeing Red in your challenge description.


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