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calr Jan 29, 2013 3:42 PM

New Challenge - Jan 30-Feb 12 -- Through the Wormhole
The Science Channel for the past couple of years has featured a series called "Through the Wormhole" in which host Morgan Freeman leads us through various modern theoretical topics such as is the universe infinite, are there multiple universes, microscopic universe, God vs. science, etc. Freeman does an outstanding job of narrating the series.

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with a photo challenge. Well, only the title. But, had you wondering, didn't I?

For the next two weeks, you are to shoot photos looking through something. If you can find a wormhole big enough to stick a camera into, go for it! Getting real, there are several possibilities.
  • Shoot a photo through the pickets of a fence.
  • Shoot a photo through a knothole in a board.
  • (This one takes a little planning) Shoot through a car window something that is outside the opposite window. e.g. shoot through the passenger window and driver side window a subject outside the car.
  • This is thinking outside the box a bit--Shoot a subject visible in the rear view mirror of a car.
  • Shoot through an opening in a tree or bush.
In other words, shoot a photo framed by something in the environment. To really make this work, a portion of the "frame" should be visible in the photo. Think about this a bit. You probably have dozens of opportunities every day to shoot this kind of photo. Look around your house, your work, on the street, in the local park, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Please put Through the Wormhole in your subject line.

Just a thought, if you find a wormhole in space to shoot through, I am certain that Morgan Freeman and a few thousand scientists and astronomers would like to know about it!

Have fun,


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