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Default New Challenge July 13 - July 26 -- Convergence

Selvin posted this challenge a couple years ago and I thought I would dust it off and post it again. We have a lot of new people on board (Welcome aboard, if not previously stated) and I thought it would be interesting to get some new views on the subject.

We are looking for the convergence of two straight lines. The point of convergence can be actual, showing in photo, or implied, the lines if extended would converge somewhere in the distance. There can also be virtual convergence where the two lines never actually meet but seem to in the distance.

Picture yourself standing on top of an overpass in the middle of a four or six land freeway. Assume, also, that this freeway extends straight as far as you can see. The lines of the freeway seem to get closer together, the farther you look.

Convergence is also possible with curved lines although more difficult to see in a photograph.

The freeway, straight or curved, is an obvious example. Other examples can be found in rows of corn or trees, in architecture, in nature (rivers, streams), etc.

Now go out and find convergence in your world. If the converging lines are not obvious in the photo, please point out the convergence.

Please put Convergence at the start of your subject line.

Thanks and have fun,

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