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Default New Challenge - June 1-14 - Polarizers

Sorry for being late with this challenge. I've been rather busy the last couple days.

A polarizing filter can be a very valuable addition to any camera bag. They can be used to darken the sky, enhance the clouds, enhance trees and other shrubs, reduce or remove reflections. They can also be used for special effects when acrylic plastic is part of the setup. Under polarized light, acrylic will yield a rainbow of color effects. Mtngal show this to us just a few days ago.

Polarizers work best when the sun is at 90 degrees to your subject. If the sun is directly overhead or behind you, you will see little if any benefit.

There are two types of polarizers, linear and circular. I know how linear polarizers work but the circular is still a mystery to me. Most cameras produced in the last ten years require a circular polarizer to work properly. With a linear filter, the auto-focus may not work properly.

Your job for the next two weeks is to get out that polarizer, dust it off, and see what you can do with it. Please show us the same scene with different polarizer settings.

Here are some links to websites with info on polarizing filters:


I will post some examples of shots I have taken with a polarizer in the reply to this post.

Enjoy yourself and please review the forum guidelines if you have not done so for awhile.


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This first shot was an accident. I was shooting in the town of Astoria, OR and had my polarizer mounted to enhance the sky over the local hills. Then I took this shot of the marina and was surprised by the rainbow colors in the window of one of the boats.

I was shooting this glass enclosed building in Beaverton, OR to study the effects of the polarizer on the reflections in the glass. These two shots were taken within about a minute of each other. I was totally caught off guard by the black sky in one of the shots. I have never had a polarizer turn the sky black before. I think it was becuse I was pointing the camera almost straight up.

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