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vsch1 Nov 2, 2011 8:32 AM

New Challenge:Photograph within a photograph: Nov. 2 - Nov. 15
Several months ago, a young blogger in Canada took a film-era photograph and held it up at the same place it was originally taken and took a digital photograph fusing the past and present. It was a picture taken 18 years earlier of his brother in the kitchen of the family home.
The process has taken off and the young man now has a site called 'Dear Photograph' where you can submit your own images with a little blurb about the image. There is nothing new about the photograph in a photograph process and there are many variations and sites where you can participate.
Here is an article from The Washington Post which mentions many of the creative options on the web.

Here is one of my attempts. Original image was taken 17 years ago.

I have wanted to do this challenge for awhile but got very differing opinions from the other moderators. I realize it might be difficult for some to participate as many of us have moved around and distance may be an issue.
But I thought it might be fun for those who can participate.

mtngal Nov 2, 2011 9:43 AM

Funny you should bring up this topic - yesterday I was thinking along similar lines. A year ago I took a picture of a brilliantly colored large tree, capturing it's brilliant red leaves and some rebar sticking up for a new building in front of it. Yesterday I took a picture of the same tree (it's just starting to change) with the side of the much taller building in it. I had wondered about doing a before and after picture of some sort. I'm sure that while it's probably more interesting to go back many years, you can still do something short-term like the construction project and the beautiful red leaves of the tree beyond.

Do I need to print the older picture and take another with the older picture and new scene, or can I post-process the older picture in with software, like photoshop?

vsch1 Nov 2, 2011 10:05 AM

I have seen it done both ways and for ease of participation i'm going to allow it both ways, printed image or photoshop type software. Looking forward to seeing your image.

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