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These are the national flags of Wales, Scotland, and England, usefully but confusingly sprouting from Alpine cow bells as flagholder. They're on the landing outside my bedroom, my home for a week or so while I recuperate from surgery. They're therefore my temporary limit of photography. They're used to wave for Rugby Union football (Wales for me; England for my son, and probably Scotland for my daughter, about to become a Scottish doctor, if she was interested.

They're of great sentimental value to me as a Yorkshireman brought up in S.Wales, now living 5 miles from the North Welsh border, with my cultural home and favoured shopping locations just across it. My favourite places (after home and its rural Cheshire surroundings) are in the Scottish Highlands & Islands. I have a vivid mental image of the saltire (St.Andrew's Cross) flag at the jackstaff and island scenery ahead of the Caledonian MacBrayne ferryboats as they head for the Western Isles.

I find the separate flags more satisfactory than the Union Flag (Union Jack), which misses Wales altogether. Wales & Scotland have their own parliaments now, created a few years ago in a vote-catching move from Tony Blair, otherwise a devout centraliser and strangler of local democracy. Many of my best English friends are remarkably and imperialistically intolerant of the glorious and poetic cultures and languages of Wales and Scotland. When asked, I describe myself as a ‘naturalised Welshman'.
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Nice photo, Alan. Thanks for the explanation. I was looking for the Union Jack and surprised not to see it.


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Nice indeed. Interesting story too.

Hope you're feeling well again soon!
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Like Cal, I was a tad surprised by your shot. Not at the missing Union Jack but the Irish Tri-color. I suppose it would be too much trouble to get out of your recuperating bed, go to the local haberdashery and purchase a tri-color and mount it along with the cow bell and three other flags.

If you can't manage I'll understand... all in jest.

I'm always fascinated that nations will include real or fantasized animals a la dragons, on their flags or coat of arms. E.g. when last have we seen unicorns wandering around, or non-domesticated lions running around London or Paris.

Enough of this. Thanks for the history behind the flags it always adds to a better understanding.


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selvin wrote:
...Not at the missing Union Jack but the Irish Tri-color...
I did think of mentioning Ireland, but they escaped to a large degree early in the last century, much more violently than Bynx and his compatriots. The relationship was always much more colonial with Ireland. The other three are still together. Some would say that London still has an imperialist colonial attitude to the further flung bits of England, let alone the 'Celtic fringe'.

Bringing about a reasonably peaceful island of Ireland is one thing that the aforesaid Mr. Blair did facilitate rather well, with the sterling assistance of Senator Mitchell, and many others. If I wanted an Irish flag I wouldn't have far to go. From the hill 10mins walk away, we can see Liverpool 25 miles away, with its large Irish community and the Catholic and Anglicancathedrals facing each other from the opposite ends of Hope Street.
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Nice shot. Thanks for all the info!!

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