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This photo has me scratching my head. Is fishing playing? Is this fishing? Probably more to the point is this playing? I have decided to leave it to the enlightened moderators to help decide.

As for me the important question is does this work? As I don't totally understand the question (I am still working on it after all these years) I will settle for does the photographic flaws help or hurt the photo?

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I think it works for the challenge. Fishing is certainly playing. But I don't think that is really what's going on here....:lol:

A good friend of mine and I used to go fishing in a different manner. We'd take our poles, and some adult beverages in a cooler. We'd open a beverage a piece. Then we would put a bobber and a sinker on the end of the line and toss it out into the water at the local lake. No hooks or bait. That would have interrupted the drinking!

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Ithink you've got playing on two levels here, some poeple including myself think that a lot of fishing is nothing but playing since very little is caught. Secondly, it's pretty obvious they're also playing another game. Very nice DOF to highlight the important subjects.

Legend has it that Thomas Edision used to go fishing on the river in Ft. Myers, Florida without any bait. When asked why, he said it would disturb the fish if he used bait.


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I see no "flaws", but clearly on the end of the smaller person's line is "Jaws", and a titanic struggle needing the strength of two is in progress to land the fish.

Perhaps it's entitled "Two Young Persons & the Sea", by Earnest Gotaway, the Nibble prizewinning author.
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