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From my archive.

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I hope you don't mind me commenting. Just finally a topic about which I have some experience to share :G

Exposure and focus both look pretty good - not an easy thing to accomplish in indoor sports. So great job there.

The challend is the composition / timing. The tough part is having an interesting subject for a sports photo. Typically one of three things makes a typical sports photo compelling: Expression, peak action or environmental.

Expression refers to the emotional expression upon the subject's face. Whether it's concentration, a Jordan-esque tongue sticking out, pain or exhertion it's that emotional content that draws the viewer into the athlete.

Peak action - This is the more common type of sports photo - in hockey it would be a slap/shot or impact of bodies against the glass - something that captures the 'moment'.

Environmental - some shots are just amazing because of the surroundings. I remember a shot of winder olympics of a skier in the air - but the backdrop of the city below in the distance was what made that shot truly amazing. The crowd going crazy after a touchdown or homerun - a sea of humanity reacting to the thrill of the moment you captured in the foreground. For most of us, we don't get back-drops like this so it's rare to get a shot in this category.

For the hockey shot I think it would be beneficial to the shot to have the puck visible (I can guess where it's at, but not the same thing). And, if possible a little more peak action. If you can't get peak, then get tight on a single player and get expressions.

But I don't want to underplay the importance of the technical things you've done well - exposure, sharpness, focus. All very good!
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Thanks john, I appreciate the comments and I'm sure your input will be helpful to others as well.
I find local rinks to be exceptionally difficult to shoot in. Besides poor, uneven lighting, I am very often shooting through plexiglass or netting and where i am able to shoot from in the rink is limited.
My daughter will be playing in a "pro" rink in December and I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to capture some images there.
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This was a tough shot, excellent!

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Nice shot, Vanessa, considering the conditions.

John, thanks for the tips on sports shots. I don't get that many opportunities, but will try to remember them when I do.

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Glad you got some mileage out of John comments, obviously he's been there before. I like the line up of the girls skating down the rink. Short of having a box seat up front or a photog's pass I can completely sympathize with the difficulties inherent in taking these shots of any indoor sports.

You have almost zero control over lighting, and have to have the skills of a "seer' to know when the right moment is about to present itself. Furthermore, the shot you want is always the shot you just missed.

Thanks for submitting. Aloha

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