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About as traditionally British as you can get. This sampling of the "King of Sports," was offered at the Jamaica Festival, Miami, November 2008.
While each sport has it's arcane language and cabalistic routines, cricket to most first time spectators seems overly endowed with these.
Why is a fielder called a "Silly Mid-on"? Oh to be banished to the "Leg-gully!"
Can you imagine being one of six or more "Slips" helping the baffled "Wicket-Keeper." Somehow I'd rather be a "Third Man" with a "Fine Leg."

Sony AlphaA100, Tamron tele. 28-250mm fully extended, F13, 1/320 second, ISO 800.

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Thus, the limited popularity of the "sport".
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So, what's the score? 13-love? Occasionally I see people playing catch with Cricket bats and gloves but I've never seen a game. Nice shot.


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Interesting language for the game. I've never seen it played or know anything about it.

Thanks for the insight and image.

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Old Nov 16, 2008, 5:57 AM   #5
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Well, I've GOT to reply to this being in a country of great cricket prowess and heritage.. Australia!

While indeed Cricket originated in England, you might be interested to know that it is played in over 100 countries, and many of these countries it is extremely popular!!

Though yes, sports are very cultural, so many countries might not appreciate either the jargon or the culture / rules of the sport! :blah: But hey, let's not argue here! I must admit I prefer a number of other sports over cricket, but occasionally I do enjoy watching it. I prefer playing it more, however.

I thank you for the photo selvin. It shows an interesting perspective. Also, as you said you were fully extended (ie. 250mm on a crop DSLR) - i.e. about 400mm in 35mm format, the compression of the photo would come into play, so the distances are not shown as much, or rather noticed in this composition.

What you wrote makes me realise so many terms are so related to a country/ culture (and I'm glad there are still these "unique differences" between nations!). For example everything you wrote made perfect sense to me (silly mid on and "fine leg", etc, etc.

However there are times when I might watch a film made in Netherlands (I speak Dutch fluently) where I know the words, but at times might not catch the "meaning". Or a film from the US, but some terms (e.g. "freshman" or "diaper"?) don't mean things to me - until I do research. :O Also when I lived in London, UK also there were expressions and words which didn't mean anything to me till I discovered how Australians would express that differently.

Anyway... again thanks for the photo and bringing up the interesting subject of culture, play and sports' language


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pj1974 wrote:
...a country of great cricket prowess and heritage.. Australia!...
Good shot, sir! And the picture is very good too, Selvin.

I'm pleased you defended the game, Paul, so I didn't have to. Although I'm not particularly a cricket fan, I might have banged on about possible cultural differences in long-term strategic thinking, and attention span over several days rather than the odd hour or two, which would have been rude.

Sadly the game is rapidly being taken over, dumbed down and speeded up by big money for the TV audience, and when they've finished it'll be no different from many sports. At least these Jamaicans went to Miami to demonstrate their prowess rather than England, where they unsportingly keep winning, rather as the Australians usually do. I expect they do lots of practice, which is definitely ungentlemanly.
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Paul and Alan,

I think despite the relatively over commercialization of cricket We can mount a very spirited defense. How can one not fall in love with a sport that has two countries competing for "the Ashes", or have Calypso songs created specifically to honor the players. Could you readily name a national song that honors heroes of American football?

For decades West Indians sang the praises of "Cricket lovely cricket, at Lords where I saw it..." ".. with those pals of mine Ramadhin and Valentine."

It's only recently that baseball became truly international, as you noted cricket has been played for decades across the globe. I had some shots of Samoans playing their version of cricket. (Unfortunately they are lost somewhere.)

That's not to say it doesn't have its flaws and some are egregious. The "modernization" of the rules has helped but also doomed it to over commercialization where the stars now earn millions of dollars and behave like spoiled heroes of other sports.

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