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View Poll Results: Should photo manipulation be allowed in the forum?
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2. Never 1 4.35%
3. Occasionally, on a challenge basis. 12 52.17%
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Old Nov 6, 2008, 5:28 PM   #31
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A darkroom is a darkroom, whether it be computer or the old way. I have had an argument with a fellow photography club member about this subject.

He is a very good photographer and will not move to digital from film. His choice.

He always used to win all the monthly photo competitions at our club, WHY because he had his own darkroom. Other members relied on the processing shops. It was always an unfair advantage in my opinion. He can do amazing things in the darkroom. Processed photos by a store paled against his. But we all dealt with it and accepted it.

Then about 6 years ago a couple of club members went digital. Everyone was saying that it was a passing phase. He says "its not real photography". But now that other members have finally gone digital (about 97% of our club) different people are having success in the competitions. He now complains of it being an unfair advantage. What a hypocrite. Now he rarely enters a photo as he is annoyed that they have finally put all forms of photography under the same banner apart from seriously manipulated images where there is the use of more than one photo blended.

So really now the film photographer with a darkroom is up against a digital darlroom. The difference also is that now more people can afford the darlroom. There are still some areas where film is better but digital has done nothing more than advance photography and bring more people into it as a hobby.

If you are going to go digital why overlook the fact that you now have this tool? some photos will need very little maniipulation and thats great but there will always be a photo that can look amazing with a little work, no amount of maniplation will make a bad photo good. You still have to have a reasonable photo to start with. I imagine that yesterdays masters would have reveled in the use of the digital darkroom.

just my opinion
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Old Nov 6, 2008, 5:45 PM   #32
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aladyforty wrote:
some photos will need very little maniipulation and thats great but there will always be a photo that can look amazing with a little work, no amount of maniplation will make a bad photo good.
Amen! what a great thought.
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Old Nov 6, 2008, 7:13 PM   #33
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Hi Cal...gosh it has been a long time since I posted anything. The theft of my 2 DSLRs bummed me for awhile and work has me extremely busy. Got the cameras replaced so am hoping to participate more. I had no idea there was major issues going on.

Here is my opinion. I don't personally do a lot of manipulation on my photos, but feel if the challenge is to manipulate a photo, then it will certainly get me learning something new if I choose to. But when you post a challenge I think in my opinion that you should say manipulation is allowed or dissallowed.

All of you moderators lead busy lives and we all are greatful for this site to share and learn about photography. I like the constructive criticism even when it is harsh...but that is how I learn.

To Steve and all his moderators...KUDOs for a job well done.I appreciate you.

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Old Nov 8, 2008, 11:09 PM   #34
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Thank you everyone for your input. The commentary was excellent. There will be changes announced within the next week.

I am removing the anchor from this thread. The thread will remain open but will drift down in the list to be in date order.

Watch for an announcement coming soon.


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