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pj1974 Feb 19, 2008 12:58 PM

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Hello all!

Here are some "family portraits".

My twin brother Robert and his daughter Renee. Our dad has dark red hair, so you can see the genes coming out here!!


pj1974 Feb 19, 2008 1:02 PM

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And this photo is of my nephew Liam, the younger son of my youngest brother Kim. He was rugged up while we visited a German settlement / township called Hahndorf near to Adelaide here in South Australia last winter.

My brother Kim and his wife Amy have two sons, Ethan (4) and Liam (1.5). Ethan takes after Kim (taller, thin and lanky) while Liam takes more after his mum (more solid build).

Wonder what the children my wife and I might have, might look like...?


thkn777 Feb 19, 2008 4:37 PM

I like them both.

#1 - I would wish for some light in the childrens eyes - they look too dark, more like little caves or the like (no offense meant, just trying to describe). I would like to see more of your twin brothers right arm (move crop down a tad) to increase that "I hold you in my arms" feeling. And that - ummm - smile(?) of your twin brother is something you have to get used to... or did he grimaced or even just talked while you clicked away? I like the "Father-Daughter" feeling, DOF is nicely controlled. levels are fine- especially the skin tones are great. It makes a very nice photo for the family album or to show around or you could frame it... wonderful.

#2 - You missed to set the focus on the eyes or at least include the face in the "sharp" area, which is very very sad since that inwardly and knowingly smiling, content look is what makes that photo special for me. Left hand is in focus (which is also good as I like that pose)... oh well. I played a bit with the picture --> you could repair this if you like, but the forum pic is giving to many JPEG artefacts. With the original file sharpening/refocussing of the face is possible. Skin tone is very nice too, maybe for the "wow" family album picture a little postprocessing, but to my mind you could even go without it. Like I said - it's the look of that little guy that is special - a wonderful moment that you captured. Lucky you.


pj1974 Feb 20, 2008 5:24 AM

Hi thkn777,

Thanks for looking and your genuine comments.

1. You make very good points. Would be good to have more light in Renee's eyes. She does have dark eyes though, but yes, you're right - some extra fill light would have been good. And my brother's arm more included (maybe closer to his daughter too) would have been better. This was very much a difficult shot because Renee was quite distracted (wanted to play!) and at that age (1.5 she found it hard to smile).. this was one of her best "smiles". Robert was trying to smile but also get her to think about smiling... by talking to her... I guess I'm too close emotionally to be critical to this photo. This is the "full" photo, so I would have had to recompose.

2. You're right, there is a lack of critical sharpness in Liam's face. I actually realised that when I posted this photo, and actually it would probably be better if Liam's left hand was NOT included, because yes, that was what my camera got sharp. Maybe if I have some time I'll clone that hand out... might make for a better outcome. I just love his expression here (very much his natural look) and yes the skin tones (winter, he's also quite pale) - but matched well against the blues.

Thanks again. Hopefully I'll manage to get more "happy times / memories" photos as well as improve some of the composition of these family shots!


thkn777 Feb 20, 2008 2:40 PM

I didn't want to critisize too much, really, just said what I felt about the pictures. They are both nice, that's why I added the "I'd wish" in my first post ;)

As for #2- I really think you could apply some postprocessing magic or if you send me a download link to the full size image I could try something. The good thing is, that with the almost unique background sharpening/refocussing wouldn't cause unwanted side-effects which makes it worth trying here. In other pictures you wouldn't be able to do the same so easily. Don't waste too much time on the hand - it's good where and how it is, just try to "extend the DOF" a bit towards the eyes, example:

(clearly overdone, I know, but it's only to show that there is enough information in the picture to do so).

Again thanks for sharing and have fun,

pj1974 Feb 22, 2008 5:52 AM

Thanks Thkn777,

Your words are constuctive criticism, which I appreciate! I'm very much a believer in people being direct! (and yet kind / considerate).

Well, I would love YOU to do some postprocessing magic - here is the link to the larger photo:

Your smaller update already looks good!

I look forward to seeing your input.... (rather... seeing your output!)



thkn777 Feb 23, 2008 2:52 PM

It didn't gave me the bigger file at first, but luckily directory browsing is allowed so I tried on my own ;) and found a 1024*1536 image - is this the right one?

pj1974 Feb 23, 2008 3:38 PM

Yes, thkn777,

I had trouble linking the correct URL... but you're right the 1024*1536 is the one to use.

Looking forward to your edit!


thkn777 Feb 23, 2008 3:44 PM

OK - here we go, resized for forum use - I used the same 600x900 format as your original shot has for better comparison. Link to bigger file is in PM. I hope you like it.

I wouldn't go much further as artifacts start to appear quite fast. With really HUGE effort you could go for a somewhat smoother look while having almost the same sharpness/focus but we talk about hours(!) of fiddling around. This is 30-45min work here... I needed some time to find the best approach, from then on 10 minutes ;)

What do you say?


pj1974 Feb 24, 2008 1:13 AM

It's great thkn777,

You've done a splendid job on the edit... thanks for that.

Also I appreciate you sending me the link to a larger size by PM.

Your time is much appreciated.


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