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For print the re-processed image would be fine but for post on the forum it is just a tad too sharp. There is a residual halo around the left hand. Like I said very good...Especially for a print but just a touch too sharp for posting. Just what I see and no offense meant. Have you tried a B&W with that shot?

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Hi Dawg,

Thanks for looking and your comments. I don't think thkn777 would be offended at your thoughts / constructive criticism about the post processing he did to my photo.

Maybe you're right, it is a tad too sharp (the left hand does look stand out a bit) - but I compliment thkn777, and I couldn't have done as well as he's donw.

to answer your other question, I haven't done a b&w conversion... but maybe you (or I!) should have a try!

thanks again.

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Hey Dawg,

no problem at all. The little halo came from the last sharpen attempt after I used my "refocus" methods. These gave a good result, but it didn't match the sharp forground. So I tried to even out that feeling. As you can see from the original image there are already sharpening halos at the hands and I wasn't able to effectively do something against them without soften things too much.

I am still in the process of learning new postprocessing things and like to fiddle around. I am sure in 6 months time I'd do it another and maybe better way.


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