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Default seeing red The red carpet

i took this at a wedding i did on the 7th jan this year
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The carpet is oversaturated and has no detail. This plus all the other photos with red problems we have seen so far has caused me to form a hypothesis on what is causing the problem. It is not the sensor or the IR filter. It is the internal processing done by the CPU in the camera. I think most digital cameras have an internal setting for "vividness" or boldness or saturation. I have to go look at that setting on my Nikon D100 but I think it is set for the highest setting which may be blowing out the reds.

Any comments on this theory?

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Hi calr i think you might be right I have looked at the 2 pictures i have posted here both shot in RAW and i can play with canons picture styles and they do affect the reds. There is even a difference with the faithful and neutral settings which appear to have the same settings on the camera. Now if the picture is mostly red ie a red flower filling the screen then the amount of saturation doesnt seem as much as a picture that has red like the carpet. Here the saturation is boosted a lot. Hope this makes sense
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I think RED is a very tricky color for cameras to handle and different cameras deal with it differently. If you compare the color space between camera brands/models, you'll find that most tend to deviate from the real red tones. That's how they make images look warmer and more saturated versus cooler (less saturated). Olympus, Canon and Sony tend to create warmer images while Panasonic and Nikon are more on the cool side. The red color is also used to define skin tones so processing REDs is complex . Also, I think a lot has to do with how the color red reflects light. The deeper the red, the less light it reflects and consequently the more blur it creates. When I get home tonight I'll post a couple of pictures I took a few years back with my beloved Sony R1 right after I bought it. I was trying to determine the best setting as far as color mode went (Standard/Natural/Vivid/etc.) and the subject I used was a couple of red plastic cups, one inside another. In vivid mode, the two kinda blended and I could not see the rim line very well between the two cups while in natural mode the two cups were clearly defined.

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