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calr Jun 27, 2004 8:29 PM

There are a lot of these in the Pacific Northwest. Here are two shots of the same animal IN SILHOUETTE (really!) Nikon D100, Nikon 80-300mm zoom, Program mode.

If someone doesn't guess it, I'll post a non-silhouette shot.

discodudette Jun 27, 2004 9:46 PM


Lol that's my guess... I think llama would be too obvious...

photosbyvito Jun 27, 2004 10:00 PM

it's a llama-giraffe

i'm not sure that is in


calr Jun 27, 2004 10:13 PM

DiscoDudette gets the prize. It is an Alpaca that has recently been sheered. Alpacas have become popular, atleast in NW Oregon as a livestock animal. The farm where these pictures were taken has about 50 of them. There are a number of farms in the area that have 10-20, each. The wool is valuable, but of even more value is the sale of breeding stock. A breeding pair can go for $100k or more. If you can afford to get started, you've got it made!

discodudette Jun 27, 2004 10:17 PM

I win I win!!! :PNah nah nah nah nah! I win I win!

Lol okay anyhoo I love alpacas. Once I was wathcing a show all about them on Animal Planet (I know it sounds gripping).. anyhoo people sarcrificed them and they cut its throat and grabed it byt hte legs and swung it aournd so its blood made a protective circle around them. I felt bad the thing wa slike screaming in it's alpaca ways. Poor little guy/girl.

Alan T Jun 28, 2004 6:16 AM

I was once driving through the Yorkshire Dales, and had just told my family about a mountaineering friend who was off to the Andes. AsI drove round the corner there was a llama staring at us over the fence. There weren't a lot of them about outside zoos in the UK then, but they and alpacas seem to be proliferating now.

jimbojetset Jun 28, 2004 6:40 AM

wow, nice shot calr :-)

Wildlife not being my strongpoint I didn't have a clue!

Alan, I didn't realise we had animals like that in the Dales!


monkey143 Jun 28, 2004 11:03 AM

Great! I've never seen one. What does DD win? :-)

calr Jun 28, 2004 12:10 PM

I posted a reply but it didn't go. Maybe my dislexic fingers hit/missed the wrong key?

Anyway, she wins a smile, a howdie, and a remote pat on the back! Also I consider her to number among my friends. Sometime back, I posted something that offended her but I think we're way past that.


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