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Here is another one thatI shot the same day as "speed boat". Might fit the criteria better.

Thanks and be as harsh as you like...I love learning from you guys. I have learned a lot the past month or so just from taking lots of pictures and seeing others work.


p.s. Sorry if there is a one post per weekly challenge, I read but did not see that.
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A repeated pattern in the two bridges, the boy fishing, and the sunset. It works. Great shot!
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I like it, well taken.
We can post as many entries as we like. Obviously not hundreds or thousands though.

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Not only is this composed well, but there are also those fishing poles leaning unused while a person looks out over the water and at a beautiful sunset. We can identify with him, and thus be drawn into the scene to stand alongside him.

I like.:-)
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Old Jun 28, 2004, 4:01 PM   #5
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Yes, you may post as many as you want. During the server/new format transition, there was a limit to keep sanity high and frustration low.

This is very nice! Suits the challenge very well.

Ferny, is that our Susie with a hat like mine? LOL - and my office mates think I'm weird(er). :-)That's the funniest, cutest thing I've seen all day. You combined the best of us both - her face and my hat! :-):-):-):-)
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Nice one Daniel. :-)
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