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This was a 'useful' Christmas present to me from a relative last month. I daren't put it up anywhere, in case one of the family in a rush glances at it and reads it the 'right' way round.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall...what the #&!)(@* time is it?
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Has anyone noticed that "SEILF EMIT" is Time Flies spelled backwards?
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Reverse time, good capture. I have seen these novelty clocks around for years and have even created one. If you can get hold of one of the older electric (plug in) clocks, a simple modification to the motor will reverse it. Those older clocks had the gear mechanism enclosed in a metal case with a cylindrical protrusion on the rear. A square frame of laminated steel sheets with a coil of wire on one side and a split opening on the opposite side that fit around the protrusion of the gear case. If you find one of these and carefully remove the square frame from the gear box and flip it over and reinstall, the clock will run backwards. It is up to you whether you want to replace the dial. If you leave the original dial, it really makes an interesting conversation piece.


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Maybe if you had a few to many, it would tell the correct time with out having to look in the mirror:-)

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