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selvin wrote:
...a lot of folks around the globe that take their adult beverages on the warm...side...the english also like warm beer and ale/stout.
Aha! Thank you, Selvin! Instant inspiration from our worthy seasonal leader.

I present a genuine 2008 traditional (or will be by next year) seasonal beverage. We have a cold snap round here, as usual at this time of the year, and we live in an 1840 house with solid walls, so it gets cold overnight. My usual tipple is probably not dissimilar to 'small beer' as drunk in the Wessex fields by Thomas Hardy's characters. On its way from supermarket to my glass it is stored in its 12-packs in my campervan, where it gets VERY cold.

The only heat source in my little computer room other than my well-insulated bodyis the computer & peripherals. Here a small supply of drinks warms gently by the remote glow of Britain's power station furnaces and windmills as the machine hammers away on its nightly virus check, ready for the day ahead, emitting a gentle warm breeze from its exhaust, strategically placed at ankle level.

The UK recommended maximum adult male weekly alcohol dose is 21 units, represented by 23 of these cans. It's cheaper than anything but bottom-of-the-range bottled water and tapwater. My attempts to promote this stuff as the solution to our strong-lager-fuelled binge-drinking epidemic have so far fallen on deaf ears. It really is a reasonable representation of 'bitter'. Honest!

Time to go and rub my three lumps of coal together. God Bless You, Every One! (ã C.Dickens)
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You must be familiar with store brands. That's usually groceries sold under the supermarket chain's brand name without the fancy packaging and heavy advertising.

Those cans of Bitters look exactly like the store brand stuff here - somewhat uninspiring.. May explain why the demand is low. Normally the biggest beer ad campaigns here show the cans of beer icy cold with frost langusihing over the containers along with a few scantily clad young ladies and a dog. Since you Brits drink the stuff warm that wouldn't work.

ASDA Bitter - with a personal endrosement from Alan... hmmmmm. How about Posh and the Spice Girls having a go at it. That ought to help make this a popular seasonal beverage.

Forgive me Alan, but it's midnight in Honolulu and Santa's elves are busy in my living room. I need to get some rest. Actually, in Jamaica warm beer/stout/ale is drunk at Christmas time. We did emulate the mother country.


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selvin wrote:
...store brands...without the fancy packaging and heavy advertising.
Here there are brands, 'own brands' and the 'value' or 'smart price' or similar stuff, even cheaper.

I'm immune to marketing. 'Tis a pity financiers are so good at it that they convinced each other.
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Those cans remind me of the old government cheese and other staple items thatwere packaged in a white box and just said cheese on the side!!

Speaking of store brands, we ran out of store brand cookies from store "A" and since we were in store "K" we bought their brand of the same type cookie. They looked and tasted the same.It appears they came from the same bakery, but were different prices by about 25cents.

Oh yea, nice shot and commentary!!!

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You certainly don't have to go far for a drink when surfing the internet.
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I enjoyed thestory that came with the picture. The Bitter reminds me of my first visit to the UK when I tried to settle on a kind of beer and found myself drinking Bitter most of the time.

The most annoying thing, that almost made me leave a (so-called) pub in Germany was, that they didn't serve Bitter, when I asked for it the waitress always tried to bring "Bitter Lemon" and she insisted to serve the drinks to the tables. The only thing that saved that "pub" was the toast- it was asawful as the toasts I ate in London :G

Now that's long ago - at the moment I favour Guiness... Sláinte!
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Interesting commentary. I'm not much of a beer drinker. Not sure I'd like this "bitter" drink either.

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