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For the last few years, but not this time, I was in Bath, S.England in December, as taxi driver for my wife, who was singing in a tiny choir in a high-class authentic 18th Century 'Candlit Messiah' (Handel) in the glorious Theatre Royal. Sadly, last year's audience wasn't big enough, so they're skipping a year, and hope to try again next year. It's very hard work, with most of the performers driving from the North of England, doing a 2hr rehearsal and two two-hour performances back to back, and then driving home. My wife cheated by taking me as chauffeur and staying with my relatives. Note that the orchestra stand up to play, in their wigs & knee breeches. I don't think I could stand up for that long, myself, let alone breathe and play difficult music, very fast, as well.

They did get a rave review for the same event nearer home in Hanley, W.Midlands, this year, but only a preview with a tiny picture is on-line so far...


While she rehearsed, each year I went to the city's traditional Christmas Market,arguably the best in the UK, with hundreds of stalls and a funfair, beneath the mighty cathedral. While 'Gluhwein' by name is clearly not strikingly English Traditional, this stall is authentic in that the proprietor (on the left) is in fact, Austrian, I discovered, and various of his appropriate seasonal delicacies were on sale. (But not actually visible here, hence the dubious nature of the entry)
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Mulled wine 2 pound 50 and with a shot of brandy 3 pound 50. It brings back memories of my time in England and why I DONT drink mulled wine any more. Or was it mead Im thinking of. Ooohh its Mead, I got a sick headache when I thought of that word. The stand looks similar to The Great Canadian Beaver Tail stand which is a great winter treat served in Ottawa and Quebec. Thanks for the view Alan.
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Bynx wrote:
Mulled wine 2 pound 50....
That's only the price of a pint in downmarket N.England pubs, or half a pint in London. You have to pay for the delicate presentation in a seasonally white polystyrene coffee cone.

Gluhwein has just been in the news here. Certain licensing authorities have taken a dim view of hairdressers serving 'complimentary' mulled wine to customers, on grounds of sobriety and health&safety.
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While I do agree a picture of the traditional victual would have been ideal. The picture nonetheless shows something of the ambience related to the Gluhwein.

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I can really smell the Gluehwein in this shot!!! Last night on TV there was a special on Christmas around Europe and the first stop was the Bath Christmas Market!!

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This is an interesting thread. Although just a bit outside the box, nonetheless it is food....er...drink related. Great photo. I have no experience with the brews mentioned since I do not drink, however, I still like the photo.


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Very interesting. Thanks for the information about the image....always fascinating to read your descriptions.
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I didn't know, that british people have such big christmas markets... thanks for sharing.

As for the Gluehwein - don't drink the one with other kind of alcohol in it - it's just not the right stuff. Here in Germany they sell the Gluehwein-spices pre-packed to say to, you can pick a nice red wine (Gluehwein traditionally is made from red wine) and cook the stuff on your own.

If you want to give it a try, here's a hint - good red wine doesn't have to be good Gluehwein, so try to buy something not too expensive that still doesn't give headaches the next morning - that should do for the first try.
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