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I have taken this picture many times, diffferent angles, different settings, different lenses, various editsand I just can't get it the way I want it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve this shot? The water has pooled ina tulip leaf.

Orginal photo edited

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Although this photo probably meets Selvin's requirements for the challenge, it is not a particularly good photo.

You have a real challenge with this subject. You are essentially trying to do a macro shot while preserving the overall scene. That's a tough one and I don't think it is possible. I think backing out to show more of the tulip plant and using a flashlight to highlight the water might be a possibility. Another possibility is to use some kind of reflector to direct more light to the interior of the plant.

In any case, I think you need to show more of the tulip plant to give some context to the photo.

Those are the suggestions I have. Perhaps others may have some more ideas. I would be interested seeing those, not just to help your phot, but to help all of us photographing in similar situations.

Good luck my friend and thanks for participating.


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Thanks Cal..this is actually a crop. The leaves were so distracting in the original photos I thought a crop would help. I know it's an awful photo, but I wanted to show the idea and how it's just not working for me..LOL. I also know that it is plain old inexperience on my part.

Thanks for the input, I'll enlist the help of my daughter with a flashlight and see if that makes a difference.
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One small favor, can you please reduce the size to no more than 800x600 pixels.

Yes, it manages to meet the water requirement marginally after some squinting on my part to figure out where the water begins and ends.

As Cal mentioned the lack of context makes this a difficult shot to interpret. I enjoy the reflection you're trying to capture but at the same time find the composition puzzling maybe because of the lack of a focal point due to the distraction from the dark area to the left.

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This image is a bit confusing as to what you're trying to show us...it may be that it's too much of a crop or it could be the size of the image posted. I find that 750 x 500 pixels is a nice size for horizontals. If you are able to try this shot again, I think there is some potential to it. I appreciate the creativity you are trying to portray and with perseverence, it will work out! Be sure to post again! :G

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Thank you for the replies. Sorryabout thesize...I replaced the original photo with another one I took at the same time, no cropping or editing, just resizing.
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