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I'm not as lucky as StitchBabe, who lives is a photographer's paradise. No waterfalls ordams aroundhere. But, here I am, driving home a couple of days ago trying hard to find a spot where I could stopandcapture a beautiful sunset before itwas too dark when I spotted this littlecreek right in my neighborhood. I've never paid much attention to it and was surprised by its particularity. If nothing else, it reproduced the tail end of the sunset and the little waves created an interesting effect.
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This is really an interesting photo, Tullio!

Indeed the little waves / ripples are beautifully captured. And the position / action of the 2 ducks is very particular / interesting. At first sight it looks like one duck was able to stand on water (miracle!) while the other "nose dived"... (maybe not enough "faith"...)

ButI guess the ripple area where the "standing duck" (not sitting duck! :blah is was shallow, and then the ground went deeper, allowing the 2nd duck to "duck down" in search of some food!! :lol:

Excuse my humour..

But really photo!

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The water ripples were captured superbly. It now makes me start thinking about trying that on some local ducks hanging around a canal nearby where I live.

Good work. Aloha
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Hey Tullio, nice image! Silhouettes are one of my faves and what a bonus to have a humorous one as that one duck looks as though it is confused and may think it's an ostrich..heheh! Love it! :lol: The water ripples are smooth, yet detailed and I enjoy the kisses of the sunset on the ripples also. Good capture!

I wish I could say I live in photographer's paradise but I really don't...I live in an area that is really quite boring to photograph. I usually have to travel to find scenes such as the images I've been posting. And the hiking to get to the scene is great exercise and in some cases, not a pleasant task. Once I get there though, the splendor of it all is quite rewarding! I'm looking forward to this summer for more photographic trips..woohoo!!

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Thank you all for your comments and sorry for the late reply. I was out of town during the past three days visiting the Gold Country (California Caverns and Gold Mines). It's a beautiful area, very green with lots of rivers and ponds and the caverns are pretty impressive. I haven't downloaded 1gb of pictures I took. As for this photo, this is a very shallow creek and the ducks actually walk on it. Well, I guess the neighbor's grass is always greener, StitchBabe. I'm looking forward to your summer photos!
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