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Selvin, I'm stepping WAY outside the box, here! I will delete it if you don't think it qualifies.

This is a picture of a clear glass pitcher filled with water. The water was still with no apparent motion. I dripped some food coloring into the water. This photo shows that even though the water appears to have no motion, there are forces and currents at work in even the smallest quantity of water. If not, the coloring would have gone straight to the bottom of the pitcher. Is this a myriad form of water? You be the judge.

The white snowy flowers you can see in the photo are etched on the side of the pitcher.


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I thought part of the challenge is to encourage people to "step outside the box" and expirement and learn.

Your image reveals something different and not normally seen in water.

I vote it qualifies

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With a snippet of scientific knowledge I am aware that we are viewing several physical forces at workin what would appear at first to be completely stationary water were it not for your food coloring.

Among the many forces are at work in water are the random motion of its molecules which help to disperse the food coloring, and the convection currents that are constantly moving the water around.

You've certainly opened our eyes to some of the hidden characteristics of water.

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Aside the scientific explanation, it's a very interesting experiment and certainly an unique idea to say the least. I like the effect created by the food coloring finding its way down and the capture of the traveling colors was perfect!
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