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May not be repetitive enough...donna ???
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The repetition is fine and the depth of field is great. I can tell you used a small aperture because that's what caused the starburst effect on the lights. My only complaint with this photo is that it is a bit overexposed. If you used manual exposure, you need to probably double the shutter speed (estimate). In other words, if your shutter speed was 1/125th you need to increase to 1/250th. That is equivalent of one f-stop. If you used aperture priority or auto exposure, the meter has played a common trick on you. The meter will always try to expose a scene to provide the equivalent of 18% gray which is a photographic standard. However, when you shoot at night, since most of the scene is dark, the meter will lighten the image to get 18% gray for the average exposure. Conversely, a very bright scene will come out too dark for the same reason.

Shooting at night in one of the auto modes (program auto, aperture, or shutter priority) it is a good idea to use exposure compensation of about -1.0. This seems wrong but think about it. The metering system is lightening your photo so you have to darken it! The opposite is true with very bright scenes such as snow. You have to use plus compensation since the meter darkens the photo.

OK! That's the end of Photography 1A lesson 14. There's a test at the end of the week.:lol::lol:


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nice photo Donna, I agree with Calr about being overexposed, and thanks for the lesson Calr, answered a few questions. Haven't done night photography and I'll file that info way for the future.

Thank you both
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