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Pool closed!!! Do they really need a sign?
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Now thisshot uses both the sign and some context to really give it a tad more oomph. The sign "Pool Closed" by it self is almost ho hum but the filled in pool in the back makes it precious.

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The sign should say "Garden Open".
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Unnecessary sign? Yes, I agree. After all, alligators can't read.
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This photo reminds me of a flight I made (as pilot) in a light plane from Idaho Falls, ID to Sunriver, OR. My only planned stop was in Burns, OR. About 20 miles west of Boise, my bladder was screaming at me "You should have stopped in Boise" Things got progressively more urgent. I looked at my aeronautical chart and it showed a dirt landing strip next to a lake about twenty miles ahead. I reduced altitude and lined up on the runway. When I got down to about ten feet off the ground, I noticed these huge sagebrush growing right in the middle of the runway. I gunned the throttle, pulled up and circled around for the second runway. I got to the same point on it as the first and saw some very nasty looking ruts in the runway. I again gunned it and proceeded to Burns.

There were about twenty campers and fishermen around the lake who must have thought I was crazy.

Moral of the story, when planning a cross-country flight, the bladder has more control than the gas tank!

Anyway the bushes in the pool reminded me of the sagebrush on that runway.


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