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Great shots, Toshi. I especially like the colors in the second one.

I think they spelled my name wrong when they named that lake. It's "Cal", not "Kal!" Oh, well. Nobody's perfect. :?:?:?


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Yes, even our little town of 3500 has grown since we moved here in 1988. Houses popping up where we used to see woods. And, the thing I notice most is I used to have a nice quiet last 10 minutes of my ride home with no one but me on the road. Now I am in a chain of cars going up the road.

I grew up in California with hundreds of kids in my grades all the time. My son graduated with 42 kids in his 8th grade class. And, of course, we have no high school here in town so he got to commute when it came time for that. But, even then his high school graduating class was only 103. It's hard to say if the small classrooms helped or hindered the learning process. I think a little of each.
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