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This is a picture from a farm in Ireland. The gates and fences are a mixture of very old and fairly new. I love all the ways they use rocks in Ireland.

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I have always wanted and still do want to visit Ireland. All the pictures I have seen, including this one, show a very beautiful country. I know there have been a lot of problems in northern Ireland but I haven't heard any reports of trouble for several years.

This is a beautiful shot showing the old and new. I believe rock was a principal building material for fences and walls since it was so abundant in the fields and pastures. When the land was cleared for cultivation, they had to do something with the rocks so they used them as building materials. After all, they didn't cost anything! The newer fences in this shot are quite a contrast to the old.


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Thank you for your comments Cal. Ireland is a very beautiful country with a lot of the area still in reflecting life in the past. It is becoming more modern every time I visit though. Good for the people who live there perhaps but a great loss for the tourist.
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gah! Don't remind me of Ireland... soooo beautiful! I am already trying to figure out when I'll travel the green hills again and see the atlantic ocean again... Rain and sun 5 times a day... clouds tickling the average hill and all those narrow roads (if you got the choice for "fast" and "scenic" route... guess which to take) - the old ruins you can find everywhere, the erika, the gardens, the cliffs...

Only bad thing is the shortage of rye bread.

Oh well :/ *sigh*
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