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I love both shots. Very creative. Lovely but spooky at the same time.
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I don't know why any Digital cameras with a bulb exposure can't do the same. I might try it in the next week or 2.....Jess has been in touch & I'll try anything at least 5 times.......

I'll tell you all a secret.........I (& many models) think up ideas as we go along. Because it's digital, we often try them (many times). The best shots I've made are nothing but than an experiment...(her idea or mine). The odd thing is, once an idea is thought out...the 1'st image seems to be the best)!

These were my 1st foray into multiple exposures...I never tied them before & I'm glad I did..........there's nothing like learning on the fly!
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Kalypso, with bulb, when you release it for your first exposure, you are done with that image in digital, the next exposure is the next shot. But my Fuji S2 Pro has a
multiple exposure button. You have to set it there for it to take multiples. I don't know about other digital cameras, but I am sure it is similar.
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The technique with using bulb setting is place a dark colored piece of paper (don't use lens cap) in front of the lens, open the shutter and hold it open. Then remove the paper and replace it for the first exposure. While still holding the shutter open, remove the paper again for the second exposure. Then release the shutter. A cable release is a must for this to avoid camera shake. Using paper rather than a lens cap is also to avoid camer shake. This technique works extremely well with fireworks as it allows you to capture multiple bursts in one frame.


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