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I used to comment on just about every picture posted on this forum. Unfortunately, due to some neck problems I've been having on and off for thepast 9-10 months, I was forced to cut the amount of timespent in front of the computer.I still check this forumon a somewhat regular basis. Every now and then I post a couple of pictures but for now I can't spend hours typing. I wish I could, though.I enjoyed comparing my comments with others and having others commenting on my postings. It's an awesome learning experience. From time to time I search the dpreview forumsand find it very harsh.People there have no tolerance. Some a very rude and obnoxious while here, people are polite, helpful, nice. Steve's forums are like a big family. People respect each other's opinions, whether they agree with them or not. As long as people are sincere, it's OK to receive feedback such as "nice shot" or "good capture". Not every one has the knowledge to comment on the technicalities of a particular image but that does not mean theyshould not express their feelings in some simpler way.

This was a great suggestion, Walter. You certainly shook things up some!
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Well - giving a little encouragement is a nice thing imho. For me this biweekly shootout is something like a photo exhibition. People that you meet at the board meet there and show some of their work. It's nice to say hello, long time no see and stuff. This includes commenting on others pictures - show me the photographer that doesn't want to show some pics and get some opinions on it.

That's that.

The other thing is - being honest. If I don't like a picture and I can say why (meaning I know why) I will do so. Same for pictures I like. Now - I am just a hobby/amateur photograph so lot's of the more high sophisticated stuff is just beyond my knowledge - so I hesitate to say something if it comes to this but rather prefer to listen, maybe I can learn from this.

Sometimes I just can't understand why people say "great"/"wonderful" etc. - and I just can't see why? Since lot's do it - I tend to think it must be me and keep my mouth shut and try to learn and to understand. Same the other way around. I like a picture but it gets bad comments...

So after thinking a bit about that - for me it's basically two things: I need the time to do this. If I am in a hurry or HAVE TO comment and stuff - I don't really like it. If I have the time and am in the right mood - and I feel I can/want to say something about that picture - it comes down to being honest and respect for the other people. Everybody learns his/her whole life - who am I to blame someone if he does things wrong or different from me? That's the hardest part - trying to tell what the picture does for me and hoping that the author/photographer gets it wrong and misunderstands me. Sometimes it's not easy to write in a foreign language, you know?

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