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This is on the National Historic registry and harkens back to the days of the Hawaiian Royalty at the turn of the century before the overthrow by US business interests.

The palace has been faithfully restored to much of its original splendor. Where possible the original artisan style of work has been used so it has been a combination of rebuilding, restoration and some guesswork. I shudder to think how much the restoration etc. has cost.

One of the last major steps is to re-furbish. It is estimated over 10,000 pieces of furniture existed for the palace only about a third have been acquired. Others are in collections worldwide, and some lost forever. To preserve the delicate nature of the many artifacts, photographs of the inside are never allowed, a pity. The Royal feather capes are among the most spectacular holdings.

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I remember seeing that impressive structure sitting on an expansive piece of property. Thanks for sharing.
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Beautiful palace! I very much enjoy reading the descriptions to everyones post!

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Outstanding shots, Selvin and thanks for the narrative. I understand the reason for not allowing flash photography inside. The UV light emitted by the flash can harm antique items. However, available light photography does no damage and I would think would be allowed. Can you clarify this? I have run into several situations where flash was not permitted do to the antiquities on display but they all allow photos without flash.


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Interesting shot and narrative! D onna
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Hm, for some reason this reminds me of spanish architecture... #2 is the most interesting shot for me - I would like to see an even closer look at that main staircase with the wall details and the pillars.

Thanks for sharing - I guess I have a somewhat biased imagination of Hawaii coming from TV mostly... you know - that "vacation resort" thingie.

Narf - so many places on earth I have never been to and they all look interesting. :sad:
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Walter, Bob, Donna,

Thanks for your kind comments. I alaways liked when individuals gave some background to their shots and feel obligated to return the favor.


I am actually attending class on Hawaiian history which is held on the grounds of the palace. I will ask you questions about why not allow non-flash pictures inside. I suspect this might be due to the fact that they really have a difficult time monitoring all visitors and trying to squelch all flash photogs especially those with P&S flash who haven't got a clue how to turn off auto-flash would be a challenge.


Will see what I can do about close up deatils surrounding the steps and staircases.

A mahalo to all.
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