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The topic of unusual angles has been done before but it has been about four years.

The idea of this topic is to shoot photos with the camera in locations that had never occurred to you before. There have been some excellent unusual angle shots in the past couple of challenges so I know you know how to do it.

The sky is the limit, and could be the subject in this challenge. I am including unusual camera orientation in this challenge. This means tilting the camera or even turning it upside down!

Here are a few ideas to get you going.
  1. Lay down on the ground and point the camera up to snap a photo of your house.[/*]
  2. Walk right up to the outside corner of a tall building and shoot up.[/*]
  3. Try putting your camera in between the rails of a railroad track and shoot down the track.[/*]
  4. A variation of #3, sit the camera on the top of the rail and shoot down the track. In both cases, have someone watching for trains unless the track is abandoned. If the top of the track is shiny, it is in use!
  5. Lay on your back and shoot straight up at some object directly overhead. You could do this indoors or outdoors. An example is a chandolier or ceiling fan.[/*]
  6. Lay on the floor and shoot a picture of your dog's dish.[/*]
  7. Shoot a picture of a car traveling down the road with the camera tilted. Caution--It doesn't take much tilt to get a good effect. 45 degrees is probably way too much.[/*]
  8. Lay on the floor and get a nose to nose shot of your pet.[/*]
You get the idea.

Please put "Unusal Angles" in your subject line. Remember, two postings per day and two photos per posting.

With this challenge, I would like to recommend that everyone, especially newcomers, review the forum guidelines anchored at the top of the forum.

Please post your photos as new messages. Do not post them here as responses to this posting.

Thanks and enjoy.

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