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This is a woman who was sitting at the next table to me in an outdoor cafe in Heidleberg. I was just snapping street scenes, and there she was.
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Interesting framing and nice shot of the lady. Since you list this as a candid shot, I assume you did not have her permission for the shot. I have mentioned it several times and nobody seems to take me seriously, but as far as I know, if you photograph someone who is recognizable in the photo, you need a model release before publishing the photograph. This lady is very recognizable.

Any armchair legal beagles out there? It's time for you to step up to the plate and sound off!


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people magazine doesn't get releases...they never got one from me when they plastered my picture worldwide
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I like this photo a looott.
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The photo qualifies as a framing example and it is actually a pretty neat one at that.

Regarding the need for a model release it gets murky at times.

I once did quite a bit of research on this matter and there are many differing legal opinions when it comes to photographing individuals on public property e.g. someone walking down the street or that prettylady on the public beach.

Here are two articles on the matter by Diane Brinson and Bert Krages - attorneys.



In general most are inclined to rule that if there is no commercial gain or the photo is not slanderous or libelous, then the the photo could be used. However, some legal beagles are still circumspect in noting that this only decreases the chances of being sued not eliminates the chances.


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