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AussieG is to thank for this challenge suggestion. Since old buildings have shown up in a number of recent challenges, he suggested a topic of old buildings.

Old buildings are all around us. I don't think there is any city or town that doesn't have some old buildings. This could include train depots, barns, houses, just to mention a few.

You challenge is to locate, photograph, and post photos of old buildings or structures. These buildings or structures can be in any condition:
  • Serviceable[/*]
  • Falling down[/*]
  • Restored (possibly restored ghost town)[/*]
  • Evidence of an old building.[/*]
Type of structures can include, but not limited to:
  • Barns[/*]
  • Houses[/*]
  • Bridges[/*]
  • Water Tanks[/*]
  • Commercial Buildings[/*]
  • Historic Buildings[/*]
Remember, two photos per post and two posts per day. If you haven't done so recently, please review the forum guidelines for posting anchored at the top of the forum.

Please include "Old Buildings" in your subject line.

Enjoy, and use caution around those old buildings. Be safe!


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