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Here is a picture I took just a minute ago. It's verycloudy outside right now. I'm hoping to get a better shot.

One thing you should know, when looking for sun rays make sure you have the right eye protection.

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The question is are we looking at sun rays or cloud shadows or both? It is hard to tell. I have seen many instances where is it hazy and the clouds cast a shadow in the sunlit haze. I guess light areas between the shadows would be rays.

In any case, the is a very nice photo.


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calr wrote:
.........I guess light areas between the shadows would be rays.
Yes. In all these cases light from a source has passed through an aperture, in the clouds, trees, or whatever. It is not travelling towards the observer, who never actually sees the 'ray' itself.

What is visible is the sharp contrast between the different levels of light reflected, refracted, scattered towards the observer from locations just within the 'beam' and just outside it. A shadow is the same thing. The brilliant beams we see in some of these images are delineated by 'shadows', 'cast' by the aperture edgeon whatever isjust outside the beam. Sometimes this is just particles in the atmosphere inside & outside the beam.

That's what I think, anyway.

It's a lovely picture, and actually successfully achieved within the challenge, lucky girl. I've just been lurking in our garden in my nightshirt on this misty morning, with a sun visible. I'm hoping for something, and going back right now, having warmed up over the computer. I'm not too hopeful. I know where the picture will come, but I'll have to bivouac for hours after dawn to be sure of a shot, or just strike lucky.

This challenge could (with permission) run & run..........

I like the picture very much, not least because my daughter looked like this when she was about 18...


Alan T
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