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I know I've already had my two posts for today, but I'd like to ask, if I may,for clarification over cropping before we get any further into the fortnight. Cal has asked to see how images look in the standard formats 6x4 and 10x8.

When I turn my camera round, it's because I'm looking for a vertical format, and more often than not I know I'm going to crop it before I take it. I'm feeling constrained by the format. I'd respectfully point out that many of us were brought up on 24x36mm, 1:1.5 format. Or even, in my case, a very cheap plastic Lubiteltwin lens reflex, two-and-a quarter-inch square roll-film camera, whence you'd invariably crop.

Many of our cameras offer 1:1.5 (as 3:2), but surely no-one serious uses it, because it merely involves throwing away pixels you might want later. So we're stuck with 4:3, which stems from a convenient manufacturing size of vacuum vessels for TVs in the 1950s. The pleasing 'golden mean' is 1 : 1.618. "10x8" is 1:1.25, 25% different from square when the golden mean is 62% different from square.

By way of illustration here is how constrained I was in Castle Rushen, Isle of Man, last Easter. On the left is a resized whole frame, 3 of which I 'autostitched' (http://www.autostitch.net ) straight into the undoubtedly vertical (1:2.3) format image on the right. (Son & wife at top, dummies at bottom and behind camera.)

Craving indulgence, Alan T

BTW, this could have been done in the camera, of course, in panorama mode. Would that be ethical? It involves seeing the image in the viewfinder (in wide-angle or in pieces), and adjusting the camera to capture it. One adjustment happens to be moving the camera (cf panning a moving vehicle).

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Excellent points, Alan. Thanks for bringing them up. Cropping is acceptable in this forum and I appreciate the fact that you let us know when you have cropped or stitched. I say if it is kept vertical and rectangular in shape, go for it.

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When I commented on your other excellent photo and stated that I though it could be a little wider, I was not stating any "rules" or even suggesting rules. I was merely stating an opinion that I thought one of the common aspect ratios might be better. I completely overlooked the fact that common aspect ratios in your country are probably different from the US. I appologize for that.

I don't recall if you said that was a stitched vertical panorama. If you did, I missed it. A panorama is an exception from my previous statements. Panoramas generally don't follow any particular rule as for size and aspect ratio.

The bottom line is, I like your photo of the trees reflected in the water but I would like to see it a bit wider. That is my personal opinion.

I have intentionally not commented on the two photos posted in this thread since I think they were posted to illustrate a point and not for the challenge.


(edit) Now I am really getting myself into trouble. It was the railroad photo where I mentioned the common aspect ratios, not the reflection photo.

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