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I havent done much black & white, It seems to me like taking the color out of a photo is like draining the life out of it. JMHO. but I'm going to play along, I might just learn something.
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I understand what your saying. B&W photography is definitely a style that some love and others aren't all that impressed with. I really like your subject. It's perfect for this style. For me the trick has always been to not loose any detail and to have a good balance between the blacks, greys and whites. Sound easy but it can be tricky. I don't think every photo lends itself to a B&W treatment. However, you selected a great image to play with.
Well done,

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Hi Chuck (I assume that's your name!)
It appears that you did a simple grayscale conversion but I may be wrong. Please tell us how you did it.

Regarding your feelings about BW, I felt that way for a long time. However, in the past few years, I have begun to appreciate how a well done BW can be much more expressive and convey more feeling than a color shot. Maybe this is because in the color shot, everything is speaking to you in a language you know...COLOR. Color has meaning in every element of the shot.

In a BW shot, you don't have the benefit of color to convey meaning. Instead, you have to make use of other methods of communication. The lighting is extremely importand as is contrast. However, that's just part of the story. For decades, BW photographers have been using color filters on their lenses to emphasize or deemphasize certain colors in an image. Unfortunately, until you get a real feal for how different color filters affect the final image, with film, you would probably shoot a separate image for each color filter you wanted to try. With digital conversion, you have the luxury of seeing the differences instantly.

I hope I am making sense, here. Ansel Adams is perhaps one of the best know BW photographers that ever lived. If you have time, go to the library and see if you can find one or more of his books and look at his work. In my opinion, he could say more with a BW photo than anybody could with a color photo of the same scene.

I am not an expert in BW photography or digital conversion. I am learning techniques in this challenge along with everyone else. The one thing I have learned so far is that proper color filtering is crucial in the conversion process. Otherwise, the BW image is flat and dull just as you stated.

Think about these things and look up some of the work of Ansel Adams. You probably can find a lot of his work online.

Good look to you and thanks for participating.

Novice BW converter!

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