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Here is a monochrome rendering of an infrared image created by mounting an infrared filter on my camera. I did a split RGB on the infrared and retained the red channel for this image.

Here is the infrared image

And here is a separate color shot for reference. This shot was not used to make either of the above images. The filter was removed from the camera without moving the tripod and this image was taken.


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I like your first image. It has interesting elements; curved shore wandering toward the house in the distance. I like the balance of water on one side vs the shrubs on the other and the overhanging branches in the forground. I think the B&W works well in this shot.

As for the infra-red picture, it's a little too intense for my tastes. I feel like I have a piece of red mylar film in front of my face. It's an interesting comparison but it makes my eyes squint. Sorry, not for me.


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Yes.... the ducks have a different position in the background.

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Old Jul 9, 2007, 9:18 AM   #4
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what process was used to move the ducks?
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Old Jul 9, 2007, 9:24 AM   #5
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The infrared image was never meant to be a final image. It is an interim step to the final image. As far as the ducks are concerned, I used my temporal transporter.

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Old Jul 10, 2007, 2:19 AM   #6
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hey cal~

i really like the IR picture. if done right (like yours), infrared images turn out with a nice feel to them. i've seen a few pro wedding photographers use this technique when shooting the bride and groom in intimate candids - very impressive indeed.

thanks for sharing, and ~aloha~
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What you've highlighted here Cal, is the way this challenge is taking us into the wonderful world of visible & IR spectroscopy & spectrophotometry.

We're exploring the absorption spectra of all the bits of our subjects at once. White things absorb little, black things a lot, and just what wavelengths they absorb from the light source and which they transmit, reflect, scatter to our cameras is what analytical chemists and astronomers use to explore the materials of the universe, often one at a time.

We're doing what a scientist does when looking at the displayed spectrum of wavelength vs absorbance of a sample or a heavenly body, but in the wider, multidimensional space provided by our optics, electronics, retinal cells, and brain.

Ordinary photography explores the aesthetic & the pictorial; channel splitting, filtering, and monochrome display is exploring the composition as well as the aesthetics of the world.

The different tones of green foliage according to viewing wavelength reflect (ouch, pun) its wonderful chemistry, sucking the energetic bit from its illumination, working on CO2 with it, storing some of it for us to use (increasingly carefully I hope), before we return it as CO2 and useful energy.

And maybe you thought we were just looking at pretty pictures & playing with photographic & computer gadegts?!

Alan T
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