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The new challenge for the next two weeks is Backlight--Silhouette. Silhouettes was done a couple of years ago but not Backlighting.

A silhouette requres some form of backlighting but, obviously, the reverse is not true.

Backlighting is any source of light that is behind the subject. An obvious example that comes to mind is sunlight shining through leaves on a tree. (Note--This scenario is difficult to shoot and show that the leaves are backlit.) Another example is a flower lit from behind.

Silhouettes come in two forms. One is the shadow of someone or something on a window shade or other translucent surface. A shadow on a solid wall or surface may or may not be a silhouette. You decide! The other type of silhouette is the situation where you have a bright background with a forground subject that is dark.

Your assignment is to shoot Backlit subjects or silhouettes (either type) or even better, a combination of the two.

Please put Backlight-Silhouette in your subject line.

If you are new to the forum or haven't been around for awhile, you might want to review the forum guidelines at the top of the forum.



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