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For the past several months, a major cell phone service (recently acquired by a long time major phone company) has featured a television ad campaign in which they show "real-life" situations that emulate the signal strength bar display on a cell phone. That pattern is below:

The ads show things such as a row of skyscrapers, each one taller than the one to its left, several strings of railroad cars, each progressively longer, kayakers on a river, etc. Their most recent ads show at least a half dozen scenes displaying the pattern. Some are real while most are staged or computer created.

Your task for the next two weeks is to see if you can find "More Bars", preferrably without staging the scene. This will be a more difficult challenge than we have had recently so I will allow staged scenes. If you want to stack the kids blocks, that's fine. If you do stage a scene, try to make it artistic and realistic. No photochopping to create the scene.

An alternate challenge, if you can't come up with "more bars" try showing us rows. Anything that is arranged in rows will do. This could include trees, stadium seats, a parking lot, aisles in a retail store, etc. Let your mind be your guide.

Please put More Bars or Rows in your subject line. Please review our forum guidelines posted at the top of the forum if you haven't done so recently.

Good luck and enjoy.

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